Last week we showcased the story of Ros and Warren, who have been fostering in their local authority for an incredible 49 years.

This week we are looking at more of Foster4’s dedicated carers who are hitting amazing milestone anniversaries this month.

They have all provided a safe place and a loving home to babies, children and young people over the last few years, making them feel like part of the family.

Jayne and Earl have reached their two-decade anniversary having spent the past 20 years as foster carers.

Earl said: “After reaching 20 years of fostering, it’s been an incredible journey and we have never looked back.

“We are still learning, developing and excited about the future and there are amazing people around us that make it all worthwhile.

“The children we have looked after, whether it’s been for one day or 10 years, have been brilliant and funny – we are never short of a story!”

Another foster carer, Craig,  has for the past 15 years cared for 20 children and young people, mainly teenagers, and while some of his experiences have been challenging, he has also had many successes.

Craig said: “Teenagers are often seen as a challenging age group and, of course, there have been many situations we’ve had to navigate together, and we’ve had so many successes.

“I’m a tutor by profession so I’ve been particularly proud when some of the young people in my care have gone onto university, especially when they’ve not found school particularly easy, to say the least.

“I’ve been able to support them from both an academic perspective as well as a caring perspective, giving them confidence to go for it, and helping them to navigate the complexities of applying for university.

“Supporting young people into successful independence is always hugely rewarding.

“Many of the young people I’ve cared for have now set up home on their own as young adults and they’re thriving which is what it’s all about.”

For more information about fostering visit or call 01925 444100.

You can also email or use @foster4cheshire on Facebook and Instagram.

Foster4’s 3 ways to fostering

Foster4 has just launched its new ‘3 ways’ strategy, which builds on the community spirit seen throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

It aims to put vulnerable children and young people at the forefront of the communities where they live, reinforcing the belief that everyone can play a role in keeping them safe and ensuring they have a stable and secure childhood.

The ‘3 ways’ strategy sets out what Foster4 is and how people can get involved even if fostering isn’t possible for them.

Step one looks at becoming a foster carer, even if someone can only commit to taking on the role for a few years.

With many of Foster4 carers reaching amazing anniversaries, it proves that fostering can provide emotional rewards for everyone.

Step two asks whether someone can refer a friend, if fostering isn’t right for them initially, as they may know someone who has compassion, resilience and a space in their family home.

Finally, step three is all about engagement and helping to spread the word about fostering by liking and sharing Foster4’s posts on social media, promoting it in community groups and raising awareness.

More information about ‘3 ways’ is available by visiting

Next week: Top tips on how to thrive in your first year of fostering as we speak to some of Foster4’s newest recruits, asking them how they’ve found their first year and whether they’ve got any advice on how to succeed as a foster carer.