THERE was a buzz of excitement at Great Sankey Primary School on Wednesday afternoon as thousands of bees swarmed their Early Years outdoor area.

Just 20 minutes before home time, the bees had settled on the school play equipment.

The swarm was first spotted by the nursery staff and children who were busy playing and learning outside.

Staff managed to get the children indoors swiftly and ensured all windows and doors were closed.

Lisa Wilding, head of school, said: ‘‘The children then watched the fascinating sight from the safety of the classroom.

‘‘It wasn’t long before the buzz went around the school and lots of little faces appeared at the windows to see the spectacle.’’

Liam from Snoutwood removes the bees

Liam from Snoutwood removes the bees

The bees congregated on the slide and then settled on top of the play tent and wooden posts of the recently refurbished outdoor area, which is outside the reception and nursery classrooms.

When it got to home time, staff ensured the children all exited the building safely through the hall doors as it was not deemed safe to exit through the usual way onto the playground.

Warrington Guardian:

Parents praised staff for their quick responses.

One parent on Facebook said: ‘‘Thank you for your amazing work to get all the children out of school so safely too.’’

Another comment said: ‘‘Great job on getting them moved safely and rehoming them.’’

A staff member, Sarah Leah, contacted local beekeeper Liam Tickle, from Snoutwood Trotters in Penketh, who came out to rescue the bees.

Liam scooped the settled bees into a box using a piece of wood (a bee bridge) and then returned at 9.30pm that evening to collect the rest.

The bees are now residing on Liam’s land next to his other hives until a new owner can be found.

Liam from Snoutwood removes the bees

Liam from Snoutwood removes the bees