A HIGH school has been producing life-saving equipment for coronavirus patients in Asia.

Beamont Collegiate Academy is using 3D printers in its state-of-the-art Fablab to create valves to fit to masks which are being used to ventilate those fighting Covid-19 in India and Nepal, countries which are currently in the midst of severe outbreaks.

The school had previously produced similar gear for intensive care units at hospitals across the north west following shortages, saving many lives in the process.

And this latest bid to help out during the pandemic comes after Beamont was approached by the Nepalese Medical Association.

Director of science, technology, engineering and mathematics Chris Hillidge said: "We worked closely with ICU consultants across the UK to refine the design, and we know that there are people alive today that wouldn’t be if our 3D printed oxygen supply hadn’t been used on them.

"We were recently contacted by the head of the Nepalese Medical Association to see if we could help their patients in the horrendous situation that is currently happening in both Nepal and India.

"Patients are dying outside hospitals because they do not have the facilities to give Covid patients extra oxygen.

"The Fablab has engaged with universities, schools and businesses to print the valves and we’re working with universities in India to use their 3D printers so the valves can be saving lives in Indian hospitals much faster."

Mr Hillidge and Beamont's Fablab were recently nominated for the Education Hero prize at the Warrington Guardian Lockdown Heroes awards for their efforts in assisting the NHS with its shortfall.