THE independents dominated in the Penketh Parish Council election contest.

It was one of the most interesting parish council election battles as it came amid ongoing tensions between Labour and the independents.

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Ten independents were elected to the parish council, along with one from Labour and one Tory, at the count today, Sunday.

Independents Geoff Fellows, Leigh Jones, Steve Jones, Kieran Layfield, Craig Lenihan, Lee Beddows, Lez Fox, Andy Heaver, Dale Solan-Cooper and Chris Wych were elected to the parish council, as well as Labour’s Lorraine Ashton and Tory Michael Potts.

“I am feeling absolutely over the moon,” said Cllr Heaver.

Warrington Guardian:

Andy Heaver

It comes after three independents were elected to the borough council in the Penketh and Cuerdley ward at the borough council election count on Saturday – Cllr Fellows, Cllr Heaver and Cllr Lenihan.

Going into the elections, Labour held two seats in Penketh and Cuerdley, while independent Cllr Fellows held the other.

Cllr Heaver, who has previously been a borough councillor, quit Labour in 2019.

He spoke of his delight at returning to the Town Hall.

“I can’t wait to get going, I’ve been looking for certain councillors to start business today, I really want to get in there,” he added.