Votes are being cast to elect an ambitious team of young people in Warrington, who will work together to establish change.

The newly-chosen team of eight youth electives will represent the north and south of the town and raise specific issues that are concerning people in their constituencies.

The prospective candidates will strengthen the community and fulfil ambitions as well as bring a voice to those who struggle to be heard.

Louis Groarke, chief executive of Warrington Youth Voice and chief youth officer for the town, said: “These youth elections will provide young people with a way of having their say.

“Due to Covid-19, youth elections have been hard to run for the past 14 months and the most recent elections were held two years ago.

“Through the hard work of our officers, we have managed to ensure young people have their say under very difficult circumstances and I look forward to working with the amazing young people who are elected.”

Atticus Burnett, director of democracy and intelligence, added: “Voting is a direct way to get youth voices heard, enlighten local issues and ensure a sustainable future.”

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