COUNCILLORS have rejected plans to build six new apartments following concerns over the size of the proposed development.

Emerald Bay Construction’s application for the new-build scheme came before the council’s development management committee during its virtual meeting on Wednesday.

The site is situated to the south of 137 Kingsway North, a residential property, and is located in the Fairfield and Howley ward.

The application sought permission to build the properties, as well as associated landscaping and parking arrangements.

The proposals would have been designed to reflect the style of a detached 1930s style property, with a long ridge line and a hipped side element.

The scheme contained six unallocated car parking spaces to the rear of the building, accessed via a widened dropped kerb off of Kingsway North.

However, the development management committee voted to reject the plans.

Cllr Bob Barr (LD – Lymm North and Thelwall) a member of the committee, was among those to express concerns.

He said: “The judgment of the development management committee on the apartment complex off Kingsway North was different to that of officers.

“Members expressed concerns about the size of the development, the impact on the amenity of the neighbouring houses, the overshadowing effect it may have and the safety of that part of Kingsway North.

“Having considered the issues over which the committee could apply its judgment, the application was overwhelmingly turned down.”

Cllr Tony Higgins (LAB – Fairfield and Howley) had objected to the plans on the basis of overdevelopment of the site, creating a loss of amenities and insufficient parking.

Furthermore, 17 letters of objection were received regarding the original submission.

The objections related to issues including the impact on residential amenity, overcrowding and loss of privacy.

One letter of objection was received regarding the amended plans. The issues raised included issues of parking, poor indoor and outdoor amenity space for future occupiers, impact on biodiversity and environment, flooding impacts, refuse and concerns regarding land ownership.