A SECOND Warrington firm has been signed up to help build a massive green energy project.

NRS Group has been named the Balance of Plant contractor on the Lister Drive Greener Grid Park in Liverpool.

Statkraft, Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy, will manage construction of the £25million project which begins in May.

It includes two large synchronous condensers designed to provide stable flows of energy through the grid network, helping to increase the amount of renewable energy transmitted on the system and prevent power blackouts.

The Lister Drive Greener Grid Park will provide a zero emissions alternative to grid stability which at the moment is mainly provided from fossil-fuel powered generators. NRS Group join the project after being selected for their proven expertise in civil engineering and renewable energy.

In February Statkraft announced that ABB’s Warrington team would engineer and install two Synchronous Condensers on the site.

Commenting on the project, managing director of Statkraft UK, David Flood said: “This Greener Grid Park in Liverpool will help our grid network keep up with the rapid increase of renewables being generated in the UK. Statkraft is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting growth area."

The UK are world-leaders in the approach to grid stability and provides a great example to other countries looking to do the same as their renewable capacity increases.”