A keen family history researcher is keen to find out more information about a distant relative who she has spent years trying to trace.

Caroline Tully has spent endless hours researching her family tree but has reached a dead end when it comes to one branch and, having explored all avenues, she is hoping Warrington Guardian readers might be able to help.

William Taylor was born in Warrington on June 4, 1910 and was the second and only surviving child of Thomas and Elizabeth Taylor.

He lived at 13 Orchard Street in Stockton Heath and then at 38 Battersby Lane.

Elizabeth Taylor nee Britton was the aunt of James Britton who ran Brittons Furniture Store in the town centre and she was first married to Thomas Tully, with whom she had four children – Henry, Jane Winifred (later Bentley), Thomas and Mary Ellen (later Birchall).

Warrington Guardian: Elizabeth BrittonElizabeth Britton

Thomas Tully worked as a goods porter for the railways but died of TB in 1906 aged 38.

In 1909, Elizabeth married Thomas Taylor – a plasterer who was a widower with two children – and it is details of what happened to Thomas that Caroline, who would have been Henry Tully’s great granddaughter, wants to know.

Caroline said: “I have been trying to trace this ancestor for years and hit many dead ends.

“We only found out about him by chance with a photo from a distant relative.

“I’m hoping the census release next year might reveal what happened to him.”

Thomas and Elizabeth had two children together with William being their only surviving child, and the couple also raised Thomas’ two children from his first marriage.

Elizabeth died of pneumonia aged 38 in 1912 leaving Thomas with a young family to care for.

Caroline said: “We have no further information about Thomas or the family until several of the children enlisted in the Lancashire regiments and there are some references to Blackpool, where the children visited their half sister Mary Ellen after she was married.

“The photograph of William Taylor was given to me by a distant family member who saw my initial posts asking for information a few years ago but they don’t know what happened to him.

“The uniform suggests English infantry or Cavalry regiment with a band members’ badge.”

If you have any information about William Taylor or his relatives please email mrssummerfield@yahoo.com so this can be shared with Caroline.

Warrington Guardian: Henry Tully and Lily Tully nee McGuireHenry Tully and Lily Tully nee McGuire

Warrington Guardian: Jane Winifred Tully and Jack BentleyJane Winifred Tully and Jack Bentley

Warrington Guardian: Mary Ellen Tully later BirchallMary Ellen Tully later Birchall

Warrington Guardian: Thomas TullyThomas Tully