PLANS to protect hundreds of homes in Penketh from flooding have been submitted.

The Environment Agency has teamed up with Warrington Borough Council for the major scheme around Whittle Brook and Penketh Brook.

The scheme will protect 225 homes from the risk of 'very significant' flooding.

The works involve:

n Construction of a new culvert to improve conveyance under the railway line and canal and reduce the risk of flooding on the Penketh Brook.

n Construction of a tidal outfall that will act to minimise tidal ingress and silt accumulation from the River Mersey.

n Works to remove some of the silt reducing conveyance along the Whittle Brook.

n Replacement of a non-compliant debris screen at Widnes Road Culvert.

While some trees will be lost during the work, the Environment Agency says they will be replaced on a five to one ratio.

Documents add: "The scheme has potential to achieve 32 per cent biodiversity net gain in line with the Environment Agency’s targets.

"This will be done through habitat creation in the field to the south of the railway line and canal on the Penketh Brook.

"Any trees lost as a result of the scheme will be replaced on a 5 to 1 ratio as close to where they were lost as reasonably feasible."

Access to the Penketh Brook Culvert works will be via Barnard Street to minimise plant activity down Hall Nook.

Access to the Widnes Road Trash Screen will be via Farnworth Road to the north of the site.

Access to the Whittle Brook Culvert works will be through an area of residential properties via Lytham Close.

Access to the Whittle Brook Tidal Outfall works will be via Barnard Street and along the access track adjacent to Sankey Brook.

n You can see the application in more detail by visiting

Search for 2021/38949 for more information.