TWO men who repeatedly punched their victim and stamped on his head in a "sustained attack" have been sent to prison.

Philip Roughsedge, 33, and Newton resident Mark Shephard, 32, were jailed at Liverpool Crown Court after previously pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm (GBH).

Prosecuting, Ryan Rothwell, told the court that Shephard had been at an acquaintance's house at a get together on the afternoon of Saturday, September 12 last year at which there were "a number of people drinking".

Mr Rothwell said that Shephard had left the address, following a fight with another man, which was broken up by Craig Maloney, the eventual victim of the attack.

Mark Shephard

Mark Shephard

Shephard then "recruited" Roughsedge, his friend, and the two men went to the house and launched the "sustained attack" on the victim.

Mr Rothwell said that at some point a fight broke out between Shephard and another man, adding: "The complainant (Craig Maloney) intervened and broke them up but Shephard wasn't happy with the way the complainant broke up the fight, and left.

"He came back 15 minutes later with Roughsedge.

"Roughsedge doesn't know anyone there, he is Shephard's friend. He went with him as his back-up.

"Shephard kicked the front door open, he punched the complainant, he said: 'it's him' and both defendants went at the complainant."

Mr Rothwell said the victim was "punched between 10 and 15 times" and "both defendants repeatedly stamped on his head".

The court heard the victim, who was left "in a daze", had to go to hospital and suffered a fractured jaw, and nerve damage, and needed to have a plate inserted.

He also suffered other cuts and bruises in the attack.

Philip Roughsedge

Philip Roughsedge

Mr Rothwell said in a victim personal statement that Mr Maloney's "anxiety" had escalated due to the attack and he has received counselling.

The court was told that in interview, Shephard had claimed he had returned to the address because he left his phone there but judge Andrew Menary QC said he doubted that was true.

The judge said: "You say you both went to retrieve your phone and wallet and took Roughsedge as some sort of support.

"I doubt whether that is true. It may be you had left your phone and wallet but it is much more likely you recruited Roughsedge in order to assault Mr Maloney."

The judge described it as a "sustained attack by two people" and "it involved the use of a weapon equivalent, a shod foot by the people doing the kicking".

The court heard Roughsedge had 16 previous convictions for 28 offences, including violence, receiving a 29-month jail term in 2018 for grievous bodily harm. The judge described his record as an "aggravating" factor.

Meanwhile, Shephard had seven previous convictions, though none in relation to violent offences.

Liverpool Crown Court

Liverpool Crown Court

Judge Menary said to Shephard: "You recruited Roughsedge knowing the kind of man that he was."

Defending Shephard, Gary Lawrenson asked for a suspended sentence to be passed.

He said Shephard had been grieving the loss of his brother and that he had a "realistic prospect of rehabilitation" and said he "regrets bitterly" what happened.

However, the judge jailed both men.

He sentenced Roughsedge, of Lingmell Avenue, Moss Bank for 28 months and Shephard, of Maritime Close, Newton-le-Willows for 12 months, saying only immediate sentences could be justified for the attack.

"Punishment can only be achieved by immediate custody, this was a group attack," he said.

"People need to see if you stamp on someone's head it is inevitable that there will be an immediate prison sentence."

Defending Roughsedge, Ian Morris said he "accepts he overreacted".