A WOMAN her broke her friend's skull after driving off as she lay on her car bonnet has avoided an immediate prison sentence.

Hannah Kellett was driving her Audi A3 in Windermere Avenue, Orford, on September 17 last year - with her friend perched on the bonnet.

Today, Tuesday, Liverpool Crown Court heard how the 27-year-old travelled for about 20 metres before stopping sharply and causing her friend to fall from the car.

The victim suffered a fractured skull, fractured leg and a bleed on the brain.

Prosecutor Kenneth Grant said Kellett, of Grasmere Avenue, has been friends with the victim for some time and the victim did not make a formal complaint.

According to a witness, the incident occurred at 6.45pm, and beforehand, the pair were talking to each other through the windscreen while Kellett revved the engine.

The witness added that there was 'always drama' associated with the car, such as driving at speed, loud music and beeping the horn.

Mr Grant told the court how the victim needed a CT scan to assess her injuries and discharged herself from hospital on September 22.

David Thompson, representing Kellett, said she entered a prompt guilty plea.

He added that she has 'lost her good character' as a result of the offence as she has no previous convictions.

Mr Thompson stressed that his client showed genuine remorse for what had happened and a pre-sentence report outlined how she could be dealt with in the community with a realistic prospect of rehabilitation.

Judge Trevor-Jones, passing sentence, said there has not been any clear indication as to why Kellet's friend was on the car bonnet.

He added: "You drove off at some speed - it was clearly a considerable speed, albeit from a stand-still position."

Judge Trevor-Jones said that although there was serious injury caused, there was a lack of cooperation from the victim.

"Given that there is no evidence regarding her health, it's not possible to make any realistic attempts to assess the level of any ongoing harm, if there is any," he told Kellett.

"You remained at the scene following the incident awaiting the arrival of the police and the emergency services.

"You are - or were - a person of good character."

Kellett was sentenced to 12 months suspended for two years.

She must complete 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days, 120 hours of unpaid work and is disqualified from driving for three years.