WARRINGTON and Halton Green Party’s borough council candidate for Stockton Heath says she wants to see significant changes to the village’s transport system.

Party leader Lyndsay McAteer is standing in the ward at the election on May 6.

Ms McAteer, who stood for the Greens in the 2019 general election in Warrington North, says she has been hard at work campaigning on local issues for the past three years.

The politician was volunteering at a lunch club for elderly people in the village before the pandemic.

She says she has been a strong advocate for keeping the community recycling centre on Sandy Lane open and emphasised that she wants to see the current local plan proposal for Warrington ‘put into a dustbin’.

The Green Party is calling for a plan which protects the green belt and believes a neighbourhood development plan is a plan that ‘would work for everyone, not just the developers and the building contractors’.

Furthermore, Ms McAteer wants to see significant changes to the transport system in Stockton Heath.

She has worked on road safety issues on behalf of residents and would like to see an active transport plan which gives greater priority to walking and cycling.

The party says voting Green on May 6 is voting for a ‘fairer future and a kinder world’.