SOCIAL media was abuzz last night as Warrington Wolves fans reacted to news that their head coach Steve Price will be leaving at the end of the season - and speculated about who might replace him.

Here's some of their thoughts from our Facebook and Twitter pages:

Av Edwards: I wish Steve and his family well for the future sad to see him go but if he feels it's right to go, then so be it. Good Luck

Michael Mc: Lockdown Britain or sunny Australia.. no choice really

Båz Gråhàm: Timing is terrible. Why?

Daz Kehoe: Wow

Terry Humphrys: Should he go before the season starts

Lenny Woodall: At least everyone at the club knows the score and the club can search for a replacement without making a rushed decision.

There were comments aplenty left on our stories on the Warrington Guardian website, too...

TF and the wire: Best move for all concerned. The last 12 months must have been an absolute nightmare for someone from the other side of the world trying to do his job under these conditions. I wish him all the best in what he does, and remember we have another season to go. Respect that he's given us 9 months notice unlike other managers and players we have had.

C/cus: We've definitely underachieved during his tenure and our attacking play has been boring and predictable but the challenge cup win against Saints when few thought we had any chance was undoubtedly the highlight of his stay. He appears to be a really decent bloke and I wish him all the best for what he does when he returns home but unfortunately I don't think his style of rugby will be missed at the Wire.

Cheap as chips: Daryl Powell for me. Would do a great job with Lee Briers integrating our promising youngsters into the first 17; his record at Leeds bringing through the likes of Sinfield, McGuire, Burrow, etc speaks for itself. Would sort out our 'clunky' attack. Time to move on from Castleford - Ryan Sheridan ready to step up & Michael Shenton would be an excellent Assistant.

Jeff sr: Daryl Powell for me, followed by Brian McDermott. Defiantly not Shaun Wayne.
Not sure on Briers but maybe time for him to give it a crack. Maybe Chris Hill lined up for some coaching capacity?
Not really a shock with the news however with wider things in this world at the moment cant blame Pricey for wanting to depart back to Oz.

Steviewire: As much as I disliked Wanes tactics and style of play at Wigan, he is a winner and could bring the long waited championship back to Warrington.

Craig Bellamy, well that would be another big coup but cant see it happening.

So Daryl Powell has been at Cas a while now and has gone stale and maybe after a new challenge i.m.o so that would be my bet.