RESIDENTS have been angered after a developer installed an 'eyesore' mound of soil and metal barrels on their street.

Homeowners have been left 'appalled' over the work carried out on Birch Avenue by Satnam, which owns the land at neighbouring Peel Hall, earlier this month.

Warrington Guardian:

Work in progress

The unsightly mess has replaced a fence which was previously installed in the area without planning permission.

It was later allowed to remain by Warrington Borough Council, but was subsequently damaged by vandals.

Residents have accused Satnam of using 'bullying tactics' following their objections to the developer's plans to build 1,200 homes at Peel Hall.

Warrington Nature Conservation Forum chairman Geoff Settle has also raised concerns.

Warrington Guardian:

The former Mayor of Warrington said: “I was dumbfounded and horrified.

"This style of construction reminded me of the 6ft wall made up of old tyres near Kingsway Bridge a few years ago.

"One resident told me it was an eyesore and asked me if I would want to live opposite this monstrosity.

"This sort of action is unacceptable to my members.

"Why do people think that they get away with using such material to trash the environment?

Warrington Guardian:

"If this is acceptable to a planning inspector, then planning has gone to the dogs – it seems like developers can do what they want with little or no regard to residents' views.

"Where is the enforcement from WBC when you need it?

"As a former member of the planning committee, it is my view that this should not be happening."

Satnam declined to comment on the matter when approached by the Warrington Guardian.