ANGLERS are being urged to join a fight against pollution.

Those who enjoy a spot of fishing, and can still do so in one of the few activities available by law during this third national lockdown, are being asked to put pressure on waterway guardians by the not-for-profit governing body, the Angling Trust.

There is a push to protect and further improve water quality up and down the country for the benefit of wildlife, anglers and all those who enjoy activity around the country's rivers, lakes and coastal waters.

This comes after cuts to services in this area in recent years.

The Angling Trust are calling for signatures on their #AnglersAgainstPollution petition which can be found HERE.

The petition is worded: "We, the undersigned, call upon the Prime Minister, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Secretary of State for the Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs, to provide enough funding to the Environment Agency, Natural Resource Wales and Natural England to ensure they are able to carry out fully their statutory duties in relations to the monitoring and enforcement of existing regulations designed to protect and improve our rivers, lakes and coastal waters.

"We further call on the Environment Agency and Natural Resource Wales to take more action with respect to monitoring pollution in our rivers, lakes and coastal waters and to ensure proper and rigorous enforcement against polluters.

"These Agencies must reverse the cuts they have inflicted on these service in recent years to give anglers and the wider public confidence that, as regulators of our water environment, they are both capable and willing to fulfil the function that the Government and society require of them."