WARRINGTON Guardian is delighted to reveal it will be sharing rare cine-film footage of Warrington Wolves matches from the 1960s and 1970s in a stunning new online series, coming soon.

The incredible historical clips have never been seen on mainstream media before, and include tries by Wire heroes such as Parry Gordon, John Bevan and Alex Murphy.

Some of the amazing raw action coverage comes from matches against the Australian and New Zealand tourists, including both nations' pre-match war dances.

The footage will give a taste of Wire life long before the times of widescale video and television coverage of rugby league, bringing back to life the memories older fans will have of yesteryear greats such as Brian Glover and Willie Aspinall.

For younger supporters it's a glimpse into the careers of players that their parents and grandparents have raved about for years on end.

We'll be telling you all about the family who recorded the footage from the terraces and who have decided now is the time to share their treasured filming with the world through Warrington Guardian.

Watch out for the first episode in this unexpected yet enthralling series, coming soon!