WARRINGTON CCG has moved to address confusion from elderly residents who were told to book coronavirus vaccinations at centres miles from their homes.

Some residents aged 80 and over have reported receiving letters inviting them to book a jab at one of the new NHS mass vaccination centres.

The Warrington Guardian understands that centres offered to residents in the area ranged from neighbouring Widnes to Macclesfield, Manchester and even Birmingham.

These mass vaccination sites have been set up by the NHS and are running in addition to the local GP-led vaccination programme in Warrington and Halton.

A relative of one resident told us: “We were very grateful to receive the letter to obtain a Covid vaccination, but the question remains why so far away?

“Are all 80-year-olds still driving? I would think that as a vulnerable age group, buses are out of the question, and taxis are too expensive for most pensioners.”

Warrington CCG has now confirmed that the invitations are being issued to people aged 80 or over who are not listed as having been vaccinated by their local GP practice or hospital hub.

Warrington Guardian: One of the new mass vaccination centres across the UK (Image: PA)One of the new mass vaccination centres across the UK (Image: PA)

The first batch of letters began arriving on doormats across the country this weekend, having been sent to eligible people who live around 30 to 45 minutes’ drive from one of the new sites.

The letters, issued by NHS England, explain how you can book a slot over the phone or online through the national booking service.

The aim is to offer as many options as possible for people to get vaccinated.

However, if those who have received a letter do not want to attend one of these sites, they will still be able to receive their vaccine from their local GP-led service.

Those residents will be contacted directly by their GP practice in the coming weeks.

Dr Andrew Davies, clinical chief officer for NHS Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “The mass vaccination sites have been set up by the NHS nationally to provide an additional option for people to get vaccinated if it is convenient for them.

“If it is not convenient, then please ignore the letter and wait to be invited to attend one of our local vaccination centres by your GP practice in the coming weeks.

“If you have received your vaccination since the national letter was sent out, or if you would prefer to wait to be invited to attend your GP service, you do not need to do anything, and you will be contacted.”

As a result of feedback, the national patient letter is being updated to make it clearer that residents do not have to attend the mass vaccination centres to receive their vaccine and can wait to be invited locally.