WARRINGTON Borough Council’s leader says he has absolutely no doubt the United States will be a ‘better country’ without outgoing US President Donald Trump in charge.

Just days remain of the divisive politician’s term in the White House, with President-elect Joe Biden to be inaugurated on January 20.

Council leader Cllr Russ Bowden said: “In my personal view, I think America’s reputation has been really badly damaged over the last four years.

“I think we’ve seen a President who has consistently overstepped the mark, or the boundaries of what is reasonable behaviour.”

The Labour politician also slammed the Republican for failing to concede the election for a significant period after the vote and ‘dragging America’s reputation through the mud even further’.

He also says Mr Trump has a misguided approach to politics which ‘always seeks to sow division’.

Cllr Bowden added: “For what purports to be the greatest democracy in the world, it’s an absolute sorry state.

“I’ve got absolutely no doubt that America will be a better country for having got rid of him. Hopefully, he will disappear and not come back.

“Maybe his past will catch up with him, in terms of his tax affairs and whatever else, and without the kind of protection of being President perhaps he will get his just deserts in time.”

Meanwhile, Cllr Bowden welcomed platforms such as Facebook and Twitter suspending Mr Trump’s account and ‘standing up’ for decency.

But he believes there are major challenges ahead for the US, which he labelled as a ‘big, divided country’.