A PEEPING Tom was caught pleasuring himself while watching another man taking a shower at a service station.

Hamza Hemdane took advantage of a hole in the wall of a shower cubicle at Lymm Truck Stop to observe his victim – all for his own sexual gratification.

The 54-year-old was caught red handed by his shocked victim, but this did little to deter him as he refused to cease his actions.

He even tried to leave the area after being confronted, but he was detained shortly after by police.

Hemdane, of Clearwater Quays in Latchford, appeared before Warrington Magistrates’ Court last week after pleading guilty to a charge of voyeurism – observing a private act for sexual gratification.

But he was told he could walk free from court after being slapped with a community order.

Prosecutor Paul Green told the court how on July 9, the complainant stopped at the truck stop to use the shower facilities.

These were described as private and separate cubicles, each with locking doors and changing areas.

The victim noticed a hole in the wall separating his and the next cubicle, roughly 10cm in diameter and located around waist height of an average man.

Thinking nothing of it, he continued showering before spotting a face looking through the hole out of the corner of his eye.

Upon stepping back in shock and to get a better look, he saw the defendant sat naked on a chair. He was performing a sex act on himself.

Rather than stopping, the complainant stood ‘in disbelief’ as the defendant stuck his penis through the hole and continued to pleasure himself.

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Quickly getting into a partially dressed state, he asked Hemdane what he thought he was doing and told him to come out before he forced his way inside.

After exiting the cubicle and upon the arrival of a manager, the defendant started to walk away but was detained by police on the main road outside.

Mr Green told the court how Hemdane had three previous convictions for three offences – all relating to excess alcohol.

The complainant attended court in person to read his victim impact statement, revealing how he feels ‘upset and frustrated’ that this happened to him.

“I feel angry that he was looking at me in the private act of showering. He committed a sexual act, violating me and making me feel sick,” he said.

“It was vulgar and rude. I don’t feel I could use those facilities again and I have to double check when using public toilets.”

In defence of his client, Gary Heaven said that Hemdane did not attend the truck stop that day with the intention of committing the offence.

“The reason he was at the truck stop was because he had sustained an injury to his hip some time before,” he explained.

“Bathing facilities at home are not suitable to wash or shower without pain, and the only way to get relief in terms of showering is to use this facility.”

He also offered mitigation of the victim being spared the ordeal of having to attend a trial by virtue of the defendant’s guilty plea at the first opportunity.

Hemdane was sentenced by chair magistrate Linda Bloomfield to a 24-month community order and told he must sign the sex offenders register for next five years.

He must also complete 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days, abide by a curfew for eight weeks and pay £200 in compensation.