A CHARITY providing food to people in need across Warrington has opened a brand new headquarters.

Neighbourhood Food Larder's success in helping families has enabled it to create a community hub and discount shop near Warrington Hospital.

David Jones from Neighbourhood Food Larder said: "Our main headquarters has just opened in Warrington with a huge selection in Guardian Street, opening Monday to Sunday 10am until 3pm, with a view to expanding our hours.

"We would like to create a wrap-around service which will engage social, health and employment services."

Warrington Guardian: Neighbourhood Food LarderNeighbourhood Food Larder

Neighbourhood Food Larder launched in July, distributing food into the Warrington community for people in need.

The project now has various free-food locations, a hamper delivery service and community shops across Warrington, St Helens, Wigan, Leigh and Earlestown.

David continued: "Our community shops provide food, drinks and toiletries to the community at heavily discounted prices.

Warrington Guardian: Neighbourhood Food LarderNeighbourhood Food Larder

"Meanwhile, our community locations provide free food products for residents, while the delivery service provides good quality food, giving people who could not always afford it the chance to access it.

"We focus on vulnerable groups, families with disabled children and people on low income - but all are welcome.

"These foods include fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, cereals, breads, dairy confectionary and tinned goods.

"We also collaborate with other charitable organisations and as part of our activities, we help raise money and support charities helping the homeless and disabled children."

For more information, visit facebook.com/feedthelocalcommunity.