WARRINGTON'S chief youth officer is urging young people to follow lockdown rules and stay motivated as schools and colleges shut.

Louis Groarke, who is also chief executive of Warrington Youth Voice, has expressed deep concerns over the younger generations not following coronavirus restrictions.

He added that everyone should think about the current risks if Warrington is to emerge from lockdown in a lower tier.

"Over the most recent year, we have experienced a lot of uncertainty and a great deal of expected patience from the government," Louis said.

"This, of course, has affected the young people in Warrington and other parts of the United Kingdom.

"In previous lockdowns, we haven't had the certainty we have in this one of a mass vaccination program, which is supposedly going to get us out of lockdown and back to a new normal.

"The past 10 months will help us here in Warrington to get through this lockdown.

"However, I have deep concerns over the lack of willingness of the young people in particular to remain patient and follow the rules.

"It is with this I urge all young people in Warrington to please follow the rules and think about others, but also your own individual risk and what not following the rules may result in.

"If we want to get out of this lockdown in a lower tier we must take maximum responsibility and do the right thing by following the rules.

"Many young people in Warrington will be feeling anxious over the uncertainty and what the government said to be ‘alternative arrangements’ for exams.

"It is key that pupils keep up the hard work and try their very best to stay motivated to keep learning and doing coursework.

"We are at a very important and dangerous stage in this pandemic now and it is with that in mind we need to keep following the national guidance to protect each other.

"Please stay safe."

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