CONCERNS are growing over the safety of a missing bishop in Ethiopia who has links to Warrington.

Bishop Tesfay Medhin of Adigrat is missing amid major issues in northern Ethiopia.

He completed some of his training as a priest at St Joseph’s Parish in Penketh and has stayed in touch with many families in the town since returning to Ethiopia about 30 years ago.

Residents are concerned for his safety.

Warrington South MP Andy Carter is aware of the issue and has raised it with ministers.

He said: “The ongoing violence between federal and regional forces in the Tigray region is deeply worrying and I know that the Government also shares these concerns.

“I was saddened to hear that the Bishop of Adigrat, Tesfay Medhin, has gone missing probably due to the deteriorating situation in Tigray.

“From speaking to constituents, I know he is a much-valued member of the community and did some of his training as a priest at St Joseph’s parish in Penketh.

“He has been known in the area for around 40 years, with many residents staying in touch with him and rightly concerned for his safety.

“I have written to Foreign Office ministers to make representations of the concerns raised and asked that they immediately make contact with the Ethiopian Government to look for his whereabouts.

“The foreign secretary has also written to Prime Minister Abiy and spoke with him recently where he emphasised the need to protect civilians and to allow humanitarian access.

“I will be following up on these developments regularly and keep residents informed where I can.”