ONE of Greg James' biggest fans has received an on-air apology after receiving a 30th birthday card from the Radio 1 Breakfast presenter...four years late.

Hannah Bysouth was on the show this morning, Tuesday, to talk about the 'ludicrous' lost card drama which was much talked about on Greg's social media at the beginning of the week.

The BBC DJ admitted on his Instagram stories that he was 'really behind' on opening post sent to him at the studio – including a special request for Warrington Guardian's head of digital content Hannah Bysouth (nee Bargery).

Hannah's sister Natalie Bargery contacted Greg in October 2016 asking him to sign a card for her milestone birthday.

The letter said: "She listens to your show every day when driving home from work and runs into her house to get the radio switched on when she gets home.

Warrington Guardian:

"She particularly enjoys games like The Mayor of Where? and Pun Pong. She also donated a number of times when you were taking on the 'Greg-athlon'."

The surprise did not pan out and had long been forgotten about...until now.

Greg was more than happy to sign Hannah's card – the only problem was he has only recently opened it, as he told his one million followers.

The letter was part of a stack that had fallen behind a crack in the desk and had been forgotten about until a recent clear out to make the studio cleaner and tidier in light of the coronavirus.

Warrington Guardian:

He said: "Hannah, this is f****** ludicrous. For some reason (because I'm useless), your sister's letter got lost for FOUR years.

"But here we are. It's happening. Hope your 30th/31st/32nd/33rd birthdays were great."

Warrington Guardian:

Between her 30th and the long wait for Greg's card, Hannah has got married to former Guardian sports reporter Alex Bysouth, had her first child – Archie – and weathered a global pandemic.

Hannah, who turned 34 on Friday, added: "It feels very 2020 to receive a birthday card four years late. I had a few messages from people telling me to check Greg James’ Instagram story.

"I saw it around 1am while I was feeding my little boy and woke up this morning thinking it must have been a weird dream!"

Hannah was subsequently invited on to the Greg James show to be given a public apology about the lost card drama - which she dubbed the 'Christmas miracle' - with a little mention for this Warrington Guardian article too!

People had plenty to say about the story on Greg's Instagram account. 

One said: "After four years, Hannah has probably moved onto Radio 2."

Another added: "Warrington Guardian should have run this story in 2024..."