IS John McClane your Christmas hero or is it all about Home Alone for you when it comes to festive films?

Perhaps you like a bit of winter sentiment and fall for Love Actually every December or prefer a tried and true classic like It's A Wonderful Life.

There are so many festive films out there (we have not even mentioned Elf) and the best ones – and what qualifies as a Christmas movie – is always up for debate so we thought we would put it to our readers for an upcoming feature.

We simply want to know what you think is the ultimate Christmas film – narrowing it down to one real classic.

If you can put your finger on why that particular movie is the best or have any special memories associated with it then all the better.

To add a bit of fun, we would also like you to come up with your favourite Christmas 'wild card' – this could be a festive film that's just a bit more niche or a movie that always causes arguments about how 'Christmassy' it really is.

It could even be film that has nothing to do with the festivities but you just love watching it on Christmas Day.

We will use your entries to come up with Warrington's favourite Christmas classics and your best loved Christmas 'wild cards'.

If you want to get involved simply use the contact form below.