WARRINGTON Wolves' new home shirt was ‘leaked’ online this week.

But was it a leak or another example of Wolves marketing expertise?

New signing Greg Inglis posted a picture in the new home kit on his Instagram page, only for it to be taken down soon after.

But not before it was widely shared on social media. The Warrington Guardian and The Mail online were among news websites to cover the story.

So was it a leak?

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time a kit has been leaked online.

In fact Warrington have history on this one, a number of kits in recent years have been shared online before the reveal.

And with the time difference and Inglis being in Australia, maybe he got the wrong date for the reveal.

But is that likely from one of the biggest stars in the sport?

The media spotlight is far more intense in Australia on rugby league so surely one of its biggest stars could stick to an embargo?

And the Wire’s marketing department has been quiet for some time.

They know how to get publicity. And this ‘leak’ has already got more coverage from national press than regular ones.

Wolves' new home and away kits are expected to be revealed in full on Thursday.