A MUM-of-two has set up a special post box on behalf of Father Christmas in order to enable kids to post a letter to Santa and receive a reply.

Aimee Coffey, from Latchford, put her skills as an art teacher to good using in making the golden post box from a pedal bin which she tied to the railings of the park near to her Edgewater Park home.

Each child will receive a letter back from St Nick himself and a certificate for good behaviour rolled up as a scroll with a red ribbon and candy cane, all in an envelope stamped from the North Pole.

Warrington Guardian:

The 31-year-old told the Warrington Guardian: “I just wanted to do something nice for the children.

“I’ve had a baby this year and last year and there’s been no grottos or anything open, so I wanted to set something socially distanced up so they can walk up to the post box and post a letter to Santa.”

Aimee said that children on the estate were disappointed about not being able to go trick or treating for Halloween, so she did not want them to miss out at Christmas as well.

Warrington Guardian:

Some of the letters posted to Santa had Christmas cards designed by the children, as well as their Christmas list, and many wrote their names for the first time.

The standard letter back from Santa thanks children for their good behaviour, warns them not to be late going to bed on Christmas Eve and reminds them to leave a carrot out for Rudolph and mince pie for him to eat, with the ‘nice’ box ticked alongside his signature.

Head elf Aimee will be delivering the letters with her two daughters, one-year-old Amelie and 9-month-old Lacey and the help of their neighbours’ kids – all of whom will be dressed up in elf costumes.

Warrington Guardian:

Her close friend and fellow teacher Mary Lou Byrne said: “I think this is such a special deed to do for the local children, which will contribute to the Christmas spirit of the community.

“The extensive number of letters that Santa has already received in this special post box really shows how excited the local children have been about this.”

Aimee’s post box received 50 letters in the first day alone and the elves expect at least 200 to be posted before the deadline of December 18, giving them just enough time to deliver all the responses by Christmas Eve.

Warrington Guardian:

She had hoped to host an elf party in the park following this deadline, but this will unfortunately not take place due to the current measures implemented as part of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mary Lou added: “I would like to thank Aimee for being incredibly thoughtful and spending her time doing something special for the children.”