WARRINGTON South MP Andy Carter says that government plans announced by the Chancellor today will ‘impact many residents’ lives in a positive way’.

Rishi Sunak today outlined plans for the economy and spending in the face of the coronavirus pandemic in his spending review, which was delivered to Parliament on Wednesday.

He warned that the ‘economic emergency has only just begun’, with the biggest decline in 300 years forecast.

But Mr Carter believes that proposals outlined by Mr Sunak will also bring benefits to his constituents.

He said: “There was a whole suite of announcements made today by the Chancellor that will directly impact many people’s lives in a positive way across Warrington South.

“Some of the economic forecasting and spending plans are unheard of in peacetime, but are absolutely necessary to keep people in jobs and to protect livelihoods.

“We shouldn’t forget that, whilst unemployment is obviously higher than before the crisis began, we are doing comparatively well compared to our European partners and the US – utilising the furlough scheme until March and providing generous cash grants to businesses.

“I’m particularly pleased to see the introduction of the £4billion Levelling Up Fund.

“We need to support efforts to bring more high-quality jobs in the town, and we can only do that by regenerating our high streets, improving our transport links and making the town more attractive to bring a combination of private and public sector investment. “Nurses, doctors and those working in our health services will get a pay rise, as will 2.1 million of the lowest paid public sector employees.

“The additional funding promised to our schools and police will also be delivered in line with commitments and I will continue to fight for funding to progress a new hospital for Warrington.”