A SCAFFOLDING company has revealed new major plans to upgrade its base in Woolston.

Omega Access North Ltd has applied for planning permission from Warrington Borough Council in order to demolish the existing modular office buildings on the New Cut Lane site.

A new two-storey office would be built in their place, with 10 new jobs to be created as a result.

The company pulled a previous submission for a similar scheme earlier this year after residents, ward councillors and Woolston Parish Council objected due to the proposed 24-hour usage of the facility and a ‘detrimental effect’ on the environment.

Warrington Borough Council’s highways department had also expressed worries that the submission contained insufficient information on how the scheme would impact roads in the area.

Documents from the latest application stated: “The previous application was withdrawn to enable the applicant to address concerns raised by the council in respect of ecology, highways and impact of noise on nearby residential properties.

“This planning application comprises an amended scheme and is accompanied by a suite of technical documents which addresses each of the concerns raised during the previous planning application process.

“Planning permission is sought for the redevelopment of the site, which would not only improve and upgrade the appearance of the site but would enable the business to undertake its operations in a more efficient manner.

“The business would continue to operate in exactly the same way it does currently and has does ever since its inception 20 years ago, with unrestricted opening and operating hours.

“However, the proposals will enable the business to work more efficiently and effectively on the ground.

“The first element of the proposed development is that the existing modular buildings would be demolished and replaced with one, high-quality two storey office building to be sited parallel to the western boundary.

“The second element is the removal of the existing temporary canopies which cover much of the open yard areas.

“These temporary covered areas would be removed and replaced with a single purpose-built canopy roof.”