OFFICIALS have pressed the case that Warrington should be in the less severe Tier 2 when the new coronavirus restrictions are announced tomorrow, Thursday.

Local authorities will find out which of three tiers they will be in when the current national lockdown lifts next week.

Tier 2 allows restaurants and pubs to open if they serve food but Tier 3 would see them only able to serve takeaway and would see indoor entertainment venues such as cinemas, bingo halls and soft plays remain closed.

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Officials from Warrington Borough Council have spoken to Government this week to show the town's falling infection rates and a stabilised number of patients with Covid-19 in Warrington Hospital.

Council chief executive Steven Broomhead said the preferred option would be Tier 2.

He added: "There is a significant difference for individuals and hospitality in particular between the two.

"The Government has said it will be looking at the direction of travel and in Warrington, that direction is clearly downwards.

"People have made some really big sacrifices by their compliance with the rules and restrictions. They should be thanked for that.

"We would like to be in Tier 2, but what the Government decides to do is a matter for them.

"They are aware of our direction of travel on infections but they will make the final decisions.

"Our MPs have both made the case that we have worked very hard and we now wait for their verdict tomorrow."

New cases of coronavirus infections fell again today with 433 new cases in the past seven days. That figure was more than 600 a week ago and more than 900 at the start of November.

The number of patients in Warrington Hospital remains high at 150.