WARRINGTON has one of the smallest shares of spending being done online in the UK according to new figures.

The Centre for Cities has published analysis of where in the UK people do the most shopping online.

It looks at the 62 biggest towns and cities in the UK.

Warrington had one of the five smallest spending being done online at 21 per cent. This is below the UK average of 24 per cent.

And spending since March was also showing the smallest increase in the country, with just a three per cent rise in that period.

A spokesman said: "With restrictions still in place, it is too soon to say if the shift towards more online spending may be permanent but shares of online spending remained sustained throughout 2020 even while non-essential shops reopened over the summer.

"However, we should not assume that more online spending will signal the ‘death of the high street.’

" Many of the cities with high shares of online spending such as London, Cambridge and Brighton, have thriving city centre economies.

"Conversely, many of the places with the most in-store spending also have lots of vacant units.

"This suggests that, to limit the negative effects of the popularity of online retail, high streets should over time move away from retail and towards restaurants, cafes, bars and other leisure amenities."