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Will Warrington become a city?

Right now it doesn’t seem likely.

Last year, council leader Russ Bowden said Warrington had “no ambition” to become a city.


How did Warrington vote in the EU referendum?

The majority of people voted leave (54.3%).

How did Warrington get its name?

Etymologists have different opinions about where the name of Warrington came from.

While there is no doubt that the name is Old English, the difference of opinion lies in the interpretation of the first element "Waer".

Some people argue that this could be a personal name, so that Warrington could mean "The tun of Waers people", or "The tun of the followers of Waer".

Others believe that the first element derives from "waering" meaning weir or dam.

How did Warrington become a town?

The origins or Warrington date back as far as 100AD, when a Roman industrial settlement was built.


Why are Warrington Wolves called the wire?


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The town’s rugby team have been nicknamed ‘The Wire’ or ‘Wires’.

This nickname is symbolic of the town’s role in the wire industry.

Why was Warrington bombed?

This question might be in reference to the 1993 Warrington bombings.

Two bombs on Bridge Street, killing three-year-old Johnathan Ball and 12-year-old Tim Parry.

The senseless and tragic bombing was carried out by the IRA who fought for independence from British rule.

Why is Warrington in Cheshire?

Historically, Warrington was located within Lancashire. However, after government reforms in 1974, it became a borough with Cheshire.


Which Warrington tips are open?

During the first national lockdown which started back in March, the majority of rubbish tips and recycling centres were forced to close.

However, most tips are allowed to stay open during this November lockdown, including those in Warrington.

Keep in mind that it is only open for essential trips and people are being encouraged to keep waste at home if possible.

The tip at Gatewarth Industrial Estate in Barnard Street, Sankey Bridges, is open daily from 8am to 6pm and the Woolston centre in New Cut Lane is open weekdays from 10am to 4pm and weekends from 8am to 6pm.


Who owns Warrington wolves?

Simon Moran


Can I leave Warrington during lockdown?

No. The government guidelines state you must stay home and only leave your house for essential travel; this includes for work and medical reasons.


Where is Warrington near?

Warrington is around 20 miles away from Liverpool and around 15 miles away from Manchester.

Runcorn and Nantwich are also near the town.

Where to eat in Warrington

There are plenty of great places to grab a bite to eat in Warrington.

According to Tripadvisor, the best-rated restaurant in the town is Terraced Bistro in Stockton Heath.

However, if you fancy a takeaway a popular chippy in Warrington is Renee’s Plaice in Lymm.


What’s Warrington famous for?

It’s hard to pin-point just one thing that Warrington is famous for a lot.

Let’s start off with the famous faces which have emerged from Warrington, such as Kerry Katona and Ian Brown.

Warrington Guardian: The golden gatesThe golden gates

(Photo: Geograph/Colin Park)

Even the town’s golden gates in Bank Park are famous as they were originally designed for Sandringham Palace.

They are also famous for manufacturing wire for over 200 years.

What’s Warrington like to live in?

While this question is entirely subjective, we think Warrington is a great town to live in.

It has a reputation as quite an industrial town but it actually has a lot of green and open spaces- it also has some fantastic walking routes.

It’s also bursting with culture- check out the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery and Walton Hall and Gardens if you don’t believe me.