Frank Lythgoe’s Warrington Anglers Association column

THANKS to a member who on Wednesday alerted myself and the Environment Agency on their 0800 807060 emergency number to seeing carp on the surface gasping for oxygen on our High Legh Fisheries.

Also, the prompt response by the EA Fisheries staff and a heavy overnight downpour saved the fish stocks that were on the cusp of a complete wipe-out.

The deoxygenation was caused by masses of rotting leaves from the heavily wooded area around the banks and both islands.

Thanks also to the members who managed the aeration equipment on a 24-hour basis over four nights and the small band of volunteers who also got busy tackling the problem by removing leaves from the margins and thinning out the mass of self-seeded trees.

We buried nine carp initially followed by a further three fish that were found amongst the leaves on Sunday. The fishery is now closed until further notice while ongoing remedial work continues.

Friday saw our annual carp stocking top-up with five VS Fisheries bred fish being introduced to Grey Mist, Moore Quarry, Small Sandiway and 10 went into the 53-acre Big Sandiway Lake.

The fish averaged 22.7lbs and the biggest at each fishery saw the Mist with a 24lbs 13ozs 0drs, Moore 22-6-0 plus a fully scaled mirror at 20-10-0, Small Sandiway best was 24lbs, and finally Big Sandiway by sheer luck received the biggest at 25-4-0. All mirrors this year.

Sorry we could not advertise to members as we do normally as Covid-19 restrictions put the kibosh on that.

Kian Finn, aged 15, enjoyed his session at Grey Mist on Saturday morning, replacing his previous PB of 19-7-0 with a mirror carp of 22-6-0.

The fish fell for a Mainline pink and white 14mm cell pop-up boilie soaked in bumble berry goo. Well done Kian.

Mike Dench fished Appleton Reservoir on Saturday where he targeted the quality roach that this fishery holds.

Using ground-bait feeder tactics and double red maggot, he went three hours without any sign of fish but then they switched on and it was a roach every cast.

Evidently, two members who fished pegs on the wall had even better roach sport.

We have been putting quite a number of old photos which are part of the history of Warrington Anglers Association on our Facebook page trying to identify the members in them. If any member can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Many are what I rescued from a damp shed at the rear of the British Legion in St Austins Lane which we used as our headquarters for many years. Once a hoarder always a hoarder, otherwise they would have been lost forever.

WAA headquarters at 52 Parker Street will obviously remain closed on Friday evenings until further notice.

Members can simply post to this address or put their book or request in an envelope with their payment and a stamped addressed envelope through our HQ door, where mail is collected and dealt with most days.

Alternatively, you can post to Warrington Anglers Association PO. Box 71, Warrington WA1 1LR where mail is collected weekly.

If you need any further information please give me a call or email as below.

I really need your catch reports coming in at this time of the year as sport slows. They are all very much appreciated by fellow members.

Email or give me a call on 01928 716238.