LAST month saw the final closure of Unilever – one of Warrington’s most famous manufacturers.

Of course for many readers, it was better known as Joseph Crosfield and sons.

But the plant was far more than just a place of work.

It provided lots of entertainment too.

This week Joan Burke has sent us this great picture of the members of Crosfield’s Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society rehearsing for a production of Song of Noway – a musical based on the life of Edward Greig.

It was performed at the nearby Centenary Theatre.

Joan said: “My husband worked there from 1952 to 1954. It was a great part of our lives.

“He was also a member of the Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society.

“I remember all of the wonderful shows we saw at Crosfield’s own theatre. Also dancing there on a Saturday night.!