WARRINGTON and Halton Green Party has celebrated its 15th birthday.

The online party took place last night, Thursday.

It was attended by Green Party of England and Wales co-leader Jonathan Bartley, as well as regional party leadership from the past and present.

In 2005, a group of Warrington Greens set up a branch in the town with some help from Peter Cranie, from Liverpool Greens.

Vice-chair Steph Davies described the chain of events which led to Greens being on the ballot paper in elections for the first time in the borough.

The Green Party says it offers a new kind of politics where the interests of people and the environment come first.

The discussion was led by group leader Lyndsay McAteer, one of the three founding members from 2005.

Gina Dowding, former MEP for the north west, talked about her own Green Party journey as a councillor in Lancaster.

The evening culminated with a question and answer section.

Lyndsay said: “Coming together to commemorate important milestones helps build unity and purpose for our group.

“In 2021 we have important campaigns in Warrington and Halton, and we look forward to election success.”