WHEN an airline pilot from Thelwall found himself with time to spare, he decided to help the community get in the Halloween spirit with an extravagant display of spooky decorations.

Andy Czyzewski has transformed his home in Deans Wharf into a Halloween spectacular, complete with props, sound effects, projections and fog.

The 52-year-old has recently become a dad and saw this as the perfect opportunity to add a little cheer to nearby residents while also celebrating his daughter's first Halloween.

Andy explained: "Our short story goes back a little while when my wife Donna, 44, had to put off having our first baby due to donating one of her kidneys to save her younger sister.

"By the time she had completed this and fully recovered, a few years had passed by.

"Then, when we tried for a baby it just wasn't happening and it had been left too late in life for her.

"After a couple of attempts at IVF on the NHS, this still didn't work so, after going private, we now have our first child."

Warrington Guardian:

Andy and Donna are proud parents to an eight-month-old baby girl called Cayla, who has even joined in with her dad's efforts by sporting her pumpkin-themed Halloween costume.

Speaking about how he managed to create his scary decorations, Andy added: "As an airline pilot with one of the airlines from Manchester Airport, the industry has obviously been having a very tough time with travel corridors.

"As a pilot I haven't flown for seven months and have been on furlough.

"With a new baby and plenty of spare time, what a great excuse to go all out and brighten the spirits of everyone passing by and to see the smiles on the faces of the children and adults.

Warrington Guardian:

"With the help of two children on my street, obviously socially distanced, the Halloween graveyard and scary clown theme was created.

"This included a projection video window, spooky disappearing ghost, movement sensing roaring gargoyles, a full size skeleton, five colour changing flood lights and a fog machine and chiller, which rolls the fog close to the ground amongst the gravestones.

"I've been challenged to see what I can come up with for Christmas, so the planning has already begun."