THE fact a foul-mouthed rant from a private part of a parish council meeting was published online shows concerns need to be tackled 'urgently'.

That is the view of Steven Broomhead, Warrington Borough Council chief executive, following the expletive-ridden outburst at a meeting of Penketh Parish Council earlier this month.

Mr Broomhead was asked to speak to parish councillors before the meeting after months of problems had led to clerks leaving and internal rows.

He suggested mediation could help solve the problems.

But after he left, and in a section of the meeting held in private to discuss financial matters, parish council chairman David Simm was heard to say: “Wipe that f****** smirk off your face, you f****** piece of s***.”

It sparked shock from other parish councillors and the video of the remotely held meeting was posted online.

On Monday, Mr Broomhead wrote to Cllr Simm to outline his concerns.

In a letter seen by the Warrington Guardian, he said: "I am requesting the parish council to reflect on its plans for improved and more effective relationships, governance and the standards that are expected of parish councillors in public life.

"I was very disappointed to hear that my contribution had been broadcasted without agreement and permission, particularly as it was given prior to the meeting starting.

"Please remove the broadcast from the public domain.

"I would strongly advise that the council reflects on its corporate and individual behaviours and standards and seeks an improvement process to ensure that the residents of Penketh are served by an effective parish council.

"The fact that part two was publicly broadcast is clear evidence that you need to consider these matters with urgency."