AFTER exposing his genitals in Warrington town centre, a 34-year-old man proceeded to shout racial abuse and assault a man in a drunken episode.

On Wednesday, Warrington Magistrates' Court heard that Benjamin Rowbottom was so 'heavily intoxicated' he could not remember the offences he had committed last year.

Prosecutor Alison Warburton said Rowbottom, of Tyne Close, was spotted drunk by police on December 5.

As they tried to calm him down, a male approached and said he had just been assaulted by Rowbottom.

The court heard how there had been an altercation on Bridge Street between Rowbottom and another individual.

When the male attempted to diffuse the situation, Rowbottom grabbed him by the neck in front of his young daughter.

Ms Warburton added that he was also heard shouting racial abuse.

Before this incident, Rowbottom was captured on CCTV exposing his genitals to an elderly couple, who had to jump out of the way to avoid being touched.

He has 30 previous convictions for 57 offences.

Mark Lever, defending, said Rowbottom, who is a carer for his dad, had entered a guilty plea.

He added that the exposure was out of character and his client was so drunk he could not remember what had happened.

Mr Lever told the court Rowbottom has mental health problems and his getting help for alcohol addiction.

Rowbottom was sentenced to a two-year community order, fined a total of £170 and pay £150 in compensation.

He must also sign the Sex Offenders Register for five years.