EXTRA enforcement will be on the streets of Warrington this weekend to help with the new coronavirus restrictions.

Warrington Borough Council has put extra resources in to provide Covid support officers who will give advice on the tier two restrictions.

Police will be enforcing and could fine anyone breaching the rule of six or households meetings indoors at venues such as bars and restaurants.

However it any action would only be taken after discussions with groups.

Council chief executive Steven Broomhead said: "This is a really important weekend for public health, for people to show concern for each other.

"We will be putting Covid support officers into the town centre and the outer areas of town at the border with other authorities."

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Neighbours Halton and St Helens are in the strictest tier three zones and people are under guidance only to travel if essential, although this is not law.

With the Merseyside derby on Saturday lunchtime between Everton and Liverpool, there is also concern about football fans from the Liverpool city region trying to watch the game in pubs in Warrington.

There is also the possibility Manchester could be added to the tier three restrictions by the weekend too with more talks set for today.

Meanwhile, while infection rates in Warrington remain high, there has been no contact between the government and the council since Monday.

So it is unlikely that extra restrictions will come in place this week.

Although with 700 new positive coronavirus cases in the past week, a figure director of public health Thara Raj called astronomical ion Wednesday, that could still happen in the coming weeks.