CONSERVATIVE MP Andy Carter has corrected Sky News presenter Kay Burley after she incorrectly said Warrington used to be on Merseyside.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has introduced a new three-tier system of Covid-19 alert levels in a bid to simplify local rules.

Offering her help with locations in the region, Ms Burley said: “Wigan is in Greater Manchester, used to be in Lancashire, now it’s in Greater Manchester.

“Warrington used to be on Merseyside and now it’s in Cheshire.”

She added that is ‘all you need to know’.

But Mr Carter, who holds the seat for Warrington South, took to Twitter to correct the broadcaster.

In a tweet yesterday, he said: “Thanks for your offer to help Government understand where #Warrington is @KayBurley – On the banks of the River Mersey, yes – but Warrington has never been part of Merseyside.”

In response to Mr Carter’s tweet, a Twitter user said: “Warrington used to be in Lancashire.”

Another said: “Warrington used to be in LANCASHIRE not Merseyside and has been part of Cheshire for nearly 50 years.”

Historically, Warrington was located within Lancashire but – following local government reforms in 1974 – it became a borough within Cheshire.