MEET the popular barbershop pooch whose life has been turned around after being abandoned next to a motorway near Warrington.

Bella, a cross between a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Labrador, is now enjoying life comforting customers who need a little extra support at Jojo's Barbers in Manchester Road.

But her pampered lifestyle is a far cry from where she was found dumped on the side of the road in 2017, having recently given birth.

Then aged between 18 and 24 months, Bella was placed in the care of Cheshire Dogs' Home in Grappenhall, where she spend five months being overlooked.

Warrington Guardian:

Joanne Dean, owner of Jojo’s Barbers, recalled the moment she knew Bella would be coming home with her.

"We were looking for a dog and had been all over Manchester, all the way up to Halebank, when we decided to call in at Cheshire Dogs' Home," Joanne remembered.

"She was the last dog in the last kennel and to say she picked us is an understatement.

"The home allows you to foster the dog first and foremost, and then at the end of the two weeks if you are a good fit you can then go forwards with adoption.

"The dog's home was just amazing.

Warrington Guardian:

"Bella settled in within the first day, despite going through whatever trauma she went through.

"She's an absolute angel.

"I would definitely get another rescue dog - there's so many abandoned and unwanted dogs out there.

"Bella deserves only the best, and gets it, and equally gives as much love as we all give her.

"For me, my family and all who know her, she is priceless.

"We cannot imagine life without her.

"She has fulfilled and enriched our life so much, and is loved by so many people as I take her to my barber shop most days, where she puts on a little circus act doing tricks."

Bella is a welcome sight at Jojo's Barbers and customers often bring treats for her.

Warrington Guardian:

One customer, whose daughter has autism and ADHD, said Bella's presence makes all the difference.

She said: "Bella the dog is the most loyal dog and could sense that my daughter needed a bit of help and a friend to make her experience so much fun.

"It is amazing to see what a good connection Bella has with children.

"We are so blessed to have found a amazing hairdresser and dog that totally gets austim and ADHD."