HEALTH secretary Matt Hancock has announced tougher measures for Warrington to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Speaking in the House of Commons this morning, Thursday, he confirmed he is extending the measures introduced in the North East to the Liverpool City Region, Warrington, Hartlepool and Middlesbrough.

He says rules will recommend against all social mixing between people in different households.

The health secretary confirmed the Government will bring in regulations to prevent, in law, social mixing between people in different households in all settings, except outdoor public spaces like parks and outdoor hospitality.

However guidance from the council is that people should not mix with other households outdoors.

Meanwhile, it is recommended that people should not attend professional or amateur sporting events as spectators in the areas affected – and only visit care homes in exceptional circumstances.

Furthermore, there will be guidance against all but essential travel, with essential travel including going to work or school.

Mr Hancock said he wants the rules to stay in place for as ‘short a time as possible’.

They will come into place from midnight on Friday.

He added: "It is critical that the whole country acts together now to control the spread of this virus, so please for your loved ones, for your community and for your country, follow the rules and do your bit to keep this virus under control."

He also highlighted the 'terrible impact' on the hospitality sector, along with the Government's 'unprecedented support' to businesses.

Mr Hancock confirmed £7 million of funding will be provided to local authorities in the areas to support them in their vital work.

He added: “In the measures we’ve introduced – including the 10pm restriction – we’re seeking to strike a balance, allowing people to continue to socialise safely, where that’s possible, while reducing the social contact that the virus thrives upon.

He also said ‘we know later at night’ people are ‘less likely’ to follow social distancing.

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