AN owl who got herself in a flap has been rescued by volunteers at a bird of prey conservation centre.

Wild Wings Birds of Prey, which is based at Taylor Business Centre in Risley, has come to the aid of the injured short-eared owl.

The bird was found stricken on a road in Nelson, Lancashire, on Monday night.

She was tended to by the family who found her overnight under the instruction of volunteers at the centre before arriving at the New Hall Lane site on Tuesday morning.

It was then discovered that the owl had suffered a broken wing, and she is now recovering at a veterinary surgery in Manchester.

A Wild Wings Birds of Prey spokesman said: “This stunning short-eared owl was picked up off a road by a very lovely lady who contacted Ainsworth Wildlife Rescue.

“Team work kicked in, and Ainsworth Wildlife Rescue rang us.

“It was getting late and the original caller was in Nelson, so with instructions from us she did a fantastic job of looking after her overnight with the help of her daughter.

“Our friend from the ringing group kindly picked her up to bring to us while he collected more tawny owls for release.

“She has a broken wing and is now on her way to our amazing vets, Ashleigh Vets in Chorlton, who will do everything they can for her.

“Thanks to all who helped.”