ON Monday, Daniel Shovelton was jailed for life with a minimum term of 24 years in prison after being found guilty of the murder of Mark Bradbury.

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Now, Mr Bradbury's daughter Hannah has spoken of her loss and how she has dealt with his untimely death over the past 13 months.

In spite of damning evidence, Shovelton has still not confessed to his guilt.

And because of this, Hannah will likely never know exactly what happened to her dad that dreadful night last summer.

The university student said: “I feel really sorry for Shovelton's family, he's not only destroyed my life but his own family as well.

“There's been a lot of lies and deceit, and no remorse from him at all.

“This murder was all motivated by money, and I think maybe he thought my dad had more money than he did.

“I wish the whole truth had been told as there's still unanswered questions in my head that only he will know, and it hurts me that I will go my whole life not knowing.

“What happened to those two beer bottles that went missing, did Shovelton go into my dad's house, have a drink, murder him and then leave? What was my dad saying to him before it happened?

“Was my dad begging for his life and telling him he had a daughter, a life and that he'd hurt so many people?

Warrington Guardian:

Mark and a young Hannah in Blackpool

“He stalked my dad four times – if he knew he was going to kill him, I wish he could have let me know so I could have said goodbye.

“I didn't have the opportunity to say goodbye to my dad.

“Shovelton is in prison, but he's still alive and my dad isn't.”

Hannah has not only had to comes with her dad’s death, but also the police’s discovery that he had been selling cocaine to his friends in order to pay for his own habit – something his family was completely in the dark about.

She added: “The whole process has been really difficult, but I'm glad there's been answers to some of our questions so now I feel a huge sense of relief.

“I've struggled with how my dad was branded a low-level drug dealer, and that was something that was never in my life.

“He lived a double life in a sense, none of our family knew this.

Warrington Guardian:

With his dog Barney

“I've never come across anything to do with drugs ever so this was really hard to hear.

“Maybe if I'd been told about this, I could have told him that I knew and it could have prevented this whole thing – but that's a lot of what ifs.

“It's worse now than it ever was.

“The constant phone calls from police kept my dad and his memory alive, now it's almost frightening that this will now all end.

“But the support I've had off the police has been incredible.”

But despite the cruel end to his life, Hannah has nearly 20 years of special memories with her dad that she will always cherish.

“Dad took me to the most famous cities in Europe, as he wanted us to embrace every culture,” she said.

Warrington Guardian:

Mark and Hannah in Paris

“He was a gentleman and a good man, and I'll always remember his good nature.

“My dad was outgoing and light-hearted, he wanted to make a joke out of things and make people laugh.

“I've got amazing memories and funny stories, so much love and happiness.

“I'll remember how my dad came to see a school play of Blood Brothers, but when it finished I was told he had to go and get his car as he was worried his ticket had run out.

“But he was sat in his car crying, as he was so proud of how well I'd done.”

This Mark Bradbury, the proud dad whose daughter was his world, was the real Mark Bradbury.

Warrington Guardian: