CORONAVIRUS-RELATED changes which have ‘unavoidably’ resulted in a reduced swimming timetable in the town will be reviewed in November.

LiveWire, which manages leisure services and facilities on behalf of Warrington Borough Council, has been reopening swimming activities in a phased manner and in line with guidance from official governing body Swim England.

But some parents have raised concerns over the situation facing swimmers at the facilities.

One said: “My two children currently train in the performance swimming squads of which I happily pay £150 per month for their training and another £30 per month for a gym membership for myself.

“After reinstating my account at the full amount with the accepted fact that water time would have obviously started off at a reduced amount, I’ve now been made aware of the reduction in water time which I personally feel is totally unacceptable.

“The organisation has not offered any statement or any discussion on the future of the programme and to be perfectly honest have taken the full amount off fees for a reduced service.

“It’s a bit like going shopping and getting half your trolley for the same price as you’d normally be charged and them thinking it’s totally acceptable.

“The main niggling point is the pure disregard for the age of the swimmers in the programme and the fact LiveWire management seem to be under the impression that 7/8 years olds should be doing morning sessions with limited sessions in the evening of which we’ve currently already paid for.

“I’m unsure as to whether this is an oversight or just pure incompetence of the management of the organisation.

“The fact that they feel it’s acceptable for children to do all mornings and then go to school is a welfare issue on its own.”

LiveWire has acknowledged the concerns raised but insists it is not possible for the pool timetable to return to how it was prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

It says this is due to the strict Government and industry guidance it has to follow to ensure the safety of swimmers and staff, which is its top priority.

A spokesman added: “These changes have unavoidably led to a reduced swimming timetable due to the gaps we have to leave between sessions to ensure the safe, socially-distanced arrival and departure of swimmers – plus an enhanced cleaning regime.

“The feedback we have received from our members about the safety measures we have put in place since reopening has been extremely positive.

“We have a thriving aquatics community in Warrington and are doing all we can to ensure all those who wish to participate in swimming, at any level, have the opportunity to do so.

“Our current pool programme is accommodating swimming lessons, public and family swim sessions, club swimming, and the performance squads, all of which are having to operate with reduced hours compared to before the lockdown period.

“As a community interest company, it is important we provide opportunities to the whole community, which is what we are trying to do with our pool programme, and while we recognise that some of our customers pay higher fees than others, we are unable to allocate access to facilities on this basis.

“The current timetable is temporary and will be reviewed again in November when we hope to open the pool at Broomfields Leisure Centre, which will help us to increase pool time further – although coronavirus safety guidelines will still be in place.

“We take all customer feedback on board and will continue to monitor and adjust the pool schedule to balance the requirements of pool users as much as possible.”