WARRINGTON Wolves head coach Steve Price has launched a stinging attack on a new rule to impose fines for celebrations of tries.

Under new anti-Covid directives, players will be fined £250 if they do not observe social distancing in their celebrations of tries.

However, Price called the rule “demoralising” and called upon rulemakers to show empathy to players.

“I’m just a bit frustrated with the game to be honest,” he said after his side’s 20-18 Challenge Cup win over St Helens.

“You can’t celebrate tries and if you do, you’re going to cop a 250 quid fine. I just can’t understand how that has been brought in.

“As a young kid growing up, you play rugby league for enjoyment, fun, a team environment and togetherness.

“I think the powers above need to show some empathy towards the players.

“With what they’ve done to opt in and do what’s best for the game and keep it afloat, to take away try-scoring celebrations I think is demoralising and not good for the game.

“They should show some understanding because the players are going above and beyond.

“You saw last night with the Salford game – to win it in extra time, you play to be able to celebrate moments like that.

“I’m just a bit frustrated with what’s going on and I don’t think it’s the right thing for the game.

“Are we going to start telling women that when they give birth, they can’t hold their baby?

“Sometimes in rugby league, you can’t control what you’re doing at times.

“To fine them for that. I find it very frustrating.”