POLICE have revealed details of some arrests and incidents they attended overnight and this morning (Saturday).

-Two motorists were given notices for speeding on Winwick Road in the early hours after a car was seen racing a motorbike.

Police say the car and the motorbike were racing at around 2am.

Both vehicles were stopped and drivers issued with Section 59 warning notices for anti-social behaviour driving.

Warrington Guardian:

Police on Winwick Road

-Elsewhere, police made an arrest after a crash on Lythgoes Lane shortly before 2am.

Police say a they conducted a breath test and a driver was found to be in excess of the limit

The suspect was taken to hospital due to his involvement in the crash.

He is then alleged to have failed to provide samples for drink driving and drug driving, to have damaged hospital equipment and assaulting five emergency workers.

Police arrested the suspect and he was taken into custody.

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-Meanwhile , just after 10.20am today, a man reportedly trespassed into Warrington Fire Station whilst in a drunken state. He is reported to have caused a drunken rumpus by swearing and squaring up to police officers.

A suspect was arrested in connection with the disturbance and taken into custody.