THE Shannon Bradshaw Community Centre is offering a helping hand to anyone struggling with their mental health.

Starting on Tuesday, September 29, a new group based at the centre in Meeting Lane, Penketh, will be available for residents to drop in and unload their problems, whether they are experiencing depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, grief, stress or loneliness.

From 7pm until 9pm every Tuesday, the group, Isaiah 61, will offer a friendly face, refreshments and someone to talk to.

Patti Bradshaw explained: "The group has been set up to support vulnerable people, including males, who find it harder to discuss their mental health.

"It is designed to allow people to chat to like-minded people and engage with other professionals.

"Charlie Hale will be leading the group and will be on hand for anyone wishing to receive prayer and healing.

"We would like to thank Liz Cotterill from Asda for kindly donating the teas, coffees and biscuits for this very worthwhile group."

There is also the opportunity for people to complete a mental health awareness course while attending the group.

It is being run by Chelsey Murdoch from Riverside College and is an introduction to mental health awareness.

The units include breaking down stereotypes, challenging misconceptions and identifying how to maintain good mental health.

The Shannon Bradshaw Community Centre reopened on the September 1 and is open 9am till 2pm, Tuesday to Friday, with track and trace regulations, a one way system and hand sanitisers.

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