FOLLOWING the announcement of stricter coronavirus restrictions in Warrington, many residents are asking what this means for schools and childcare providers.

The new restrictions mean residents cannot mix with other households in one house or private garden.

Meanwhile, hospitality for food and drink will be table service only and all hospitality, leisure and entertainment venues will be required to close between 10pm and 5am.

Here are answers to the main questions you might have about childcare and schools following this announcement.

Can my children be looked after by their grandparents or another family member?

The new restrictions mean you cannot mix with another household in a private home or garden.

This means children cannot be looked after in their homes by their grandparents or another family member if they live separately to them, unless that person is in your support bubble.

For clarity, a support bubble is a close support network between a household with only one adult in the home and one other household of any size.

The single adult cannot switch between different support bubbles.

Meanwhile, children of parents who are separated can still move between households while the restrictions are in place.

What about school, nursery or childcare providers?

Schools are not affected by the coronavirus restrictions and will be operating as normal.

You can continue to use early year and childcare settings, including childminders, providers of before or after-school clubs and other out-of-school settings for children.

You can also continue to employ nannies, including those living outside of the region.

Can your child get the bus to school?

School buses will not be affected by the new restrictions.

Guidance has been issued asking all other residents to use public transport for essential purposes only.