THE coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on the way weddings are carried out, but that has not stopped Warrington residents from celebrating their love.

After more than eight years together, this couple finally made it down the aisle in August by cutting down their guest list and having a small get-together at home.

Names: Amy and Kieran Jepson

Age: 24

Live: Sankey Bridges

Warrington Guardian: Pictures by Danielle CohenPictures by Danielle Cohen

When and how did you meet?

Amy: We met at Penketh High School in 2010.

We met in year 9 and got together in 2012 after we left high school.

When I first met Kieran, I always thought he was an amazing friend and someone I could rely on but I never saw him as someone who would I get into a relationship with.

Kieran on the other hand always knew he loved me and wanted to be with me from day one.

I was completely oblivious to him having feelings for me.

We both enjoy going for drives with loud tunes having a good sing along.

We both like chilling and watching movies and absolutely love arcades!

We always wanted to get married as we knew we couldn’t be without each other – we bring out the best in each other.

We have each others backs and never let each other down.

When I am having bad days, Kieran is always there for me, even when it may be something minor to other people.

Where and when did you get engaged?

We got engaged on November 24, 2018 in Sankey Valley Park.

Kieran took me for a meal first at Toby Carvery.

I kind of ruined his proposal as he wanted to go for a meal at Nandos but because my parents were away, I insisted on inviting my brother along so choose Toby Carvery.

We dropped him off and he had to think on his feet and took me to the park as we used to always go for walks through the park.

He completely forgot everything he wanted to say in the proposal.

We’d been talking about getting married since 2012 and we were always going to.

When did you get married and how did the pandemic affect your day?

On August 8 and we got married in the Register Office and had a small get-together at our home.

We will be having the official reception next year when everything has calmed down.

We were supposed to get married on March 28 at Winmarleigh House but due to the pandemic it got cancelled and we had to postpone.

We were devastated as we did not know when we could get married.

Everyone was asking loads of questions as to when we were setting a new date and it was quite stressful and annoying as we could not answer the question.

It also meant we had to have a lot less people than planned – we were supposed to have more than 90 guests but were limited to 12.

Warrington Guardian: Pictures by Danielle CohenPictures by Danielle Cohen

How were you feeling on the morning of your wedding?

I was a bag of nerves on the day which isn’t like me, but I started stressing even though there was nothing to stress over, and ultimately I just couldn’t wait.

Kieran was nervous and worried I would not turn up as many people joked I wouldn’t be there.

How would you describe your wedding in one sentence?

It was the best day of our lives and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

How many guests did you have and what did you serve?

We had 12 guests and two witnesses.

We just did a light buffet of finger food.

Did your wedding have a theme?

Our theme was royal blue.

It took me up until two months before we were supposed to get married to find the right wedding dress.

Kieran’s outfit was found in the first six months.

The maid of honour’s dress took ages to find as we could not make up our minds on what dress to go for.

The lads were much easier as we got them to choose their own suits and we brought the waist coats and cravats and all the accessories.

What are your favourite memories of the day?

My favourite memories of the day would be actually getting ready with my cousin, mum and aunt as we had a laugh.

Also signing the register as it meant we were legally married, something we had waited for for years.

Taking the pictures was great as we took so many great pictures.

Warrington Guardian: Pictures by Danielle CohenPictures by Danielle Cohen

What did you do for your honeymoon?

We are going to Devon next year.

Did you get married post-lockdown, earlier this year or in 2019?

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