THE brutal murder of a ‘beloved’ mum has been featured in a new true crime documentary.

Faking It: Tears of a Crime asks experts in body language, linguistics and psychologists to analyse offenders who have committed ‘some of the most famous modern-day UK crimes’.

The latest episode, screened on Quest on Saturday night as the first show of a new series, focussed on the murder of Ann-Marie Pomphret.

Warrington Guardian:

She was bludgeoned to death with a crowbar aged 49 at a stables on Old Alder Lane in Burtonwood in November 2018, being struck with the instrument more than 30 times.

Her husband David Pomphret was found guilty of murder last year and jailed for life with a minimum term of 20 years.

Warrington Guardian:

The Barclays executive was able to remain at large for nearly six months after the killing, having thrown the murder weapon into a pond and burnt his clothes in an incinerator.

Warrington Guardian:

He cycled home to the Winwick Park estate and sent his already deceased wife apparently concerned texts before returning to the field where they kept horses and alerting the emergency services.

But traces of her airborne blood were later discovered on his socks, which he had forgotten to dispose of – evidence that placed him squarely at the scene.

Warrington Guardian:

The new programme will look at Pomphret’s behaviour following the murder, and how there were tell-tale signs of his deception in a video clip recorded on the bodycam of one of the first police officers to attend the incident.

Faking It: Tears of a Crime is available to watch on catchup on dplay now.